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Gold DofE on Horseback for Individuals

In partnership with Cantref Riding Centre near Brecon, we offer Gold expeditions on Horseback, a truly memorable and challenging way to complete your DofE Expedition.

Established as a key part of our expedition provision in recent years, these expeditions are highly popular and places fill quickly. 

Bookings Now CLOSED for Open Gold Horseback expeditions in Summer 2021.


Guide Price for 2022 - £1695.00 per participant. (covers training, practice expedition and qualifying expedition)



To enquire or secure your place contact Alix on 07528372160 or use the ContactUs page.

Expeditions Wales supply group equipment and support and advise participants through the route planning process, where they benefit from our exceptional local knowledge and experience, whilst Cantref Riding Centre provide their reliable, trustworthy horses and all the horse riding equipment.

A perfect blend of expedition skills and knowledge provided by our experienced staff and sure-footed, sturdy, gentle natured horses, full of character provided by Cantref. They become your best friends for the expedition!

Our horseback expeditions are as pure a challenge as it comes, the journey becomes completely self-sufficient, all the equipment is packed and carried in saddlebags and this packing and organising becomes a key skill within the expedition. A true adventure and a highly memorable and rewarding way to complete a DofE Expedition.

If you have a group of 5 to 7 participants already, please contact Alix to discuss a private expedition for your Gold Award in 2022.

Online bookings are not available for Horseback expeditions as we require additional information completed before formalising any bookings.